Vitamins are essential for normal growth and staying healthy, but our bodies can’t produce all of the nutrients we need to function and thrive. Typically oral vitamins only gain a 20% absorption rate or below.

A lack of essential vitamins and minerals often impacts the look of our skin and the healthy functioning of the body, causing digestive problems, fatigue, muscle aches and premature ageing.



Vitamin B12 injection

Accelerates red blood cells production, prevents anaemia, helps an iron absorption, Supports DNA synthesis, regulates hormones, supports nervous system, metabolism improvement, facilitates muscle regeneration, supports hair and nail growth, improves the memory and focus, improves sleep and increases energy levels

Biotin Injection

Stabilises blood sugar level, supports weight loss,  supports the hair and nail growth, improves the skin condition, supports the thyroid function and blood clotting, reduces the inflammation, alleviates allergy symptoms. lowers the cholesterol, improves the brain functions and immunity, heart protection

Vitamin D injection

Reduces the osteoporosis and rickets risk, supports to build up the healthy bones and teeth, and supports the immune system,  helps the weight loss, supports the blood sugar level and pancreas function, reduces inflammation. helps with depression, supports insulin production, improves muscle function, reduces the risk of cancer, helps with an autoimmune conditions

Vitamin C injections

Boost immunity, repairs the body tissues and very widely used in a cancer therapies, helps to fight with the cancer,  supports the wounds healing, improves the skin health and collagen production, keep the joints and cartilage healthy, protects from cardiovascular disease, support an iron absorption, - improves mood and mental health, strong antioxidant properties, increases calcium absorption

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