Physiotherapy Initial Appointment

The appointment followed by assessment, all medical history, explanation current patient condition and symptoms related. Individually chosen treatment plan, physical examination with the physio tests applied. Treatment includes necessary physiotherapy techniques such as soft tissue/ myofascial release massage, electrotherapy/ultrasound or combination therapy (electrotherapy and ultrasound perform the same time on the treatment area) and or pulsed shortwave therapy.

During the initial assessment, we will give you a definitive diagnosis, and initial therapy plan.

What is included

  • Review your medical and family history
  • Examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • After care advice

    Physiotherapy Follow up Appointment

    Physiotherapy follow up appointment related with the treatment plan discussed on initial appointment. Session includes physio manual techniques such as soft tissue, myofascial release massage, electrotherapy/ ultrasound or combination therapy, pulsed shortwave therapy if necessary. All techniques are directed to resolve the issue.

    What is included

    • Many types of physio techniques are used to reduce the pain not only one
    • Exercises presentation as a complement to the entire therapy
    • Discussion about the physiotherapy effects
    • Manage future appointments

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