Physiotherapy vs. Surgery:  Which is the Right Choice?

Physiotherapy vs. Surgery: Which is the Right Choice?

Jul 25, 2023

Anna Tempczyk

Prevention is better than cure and if it is to be treated, it is best without surgical intervention, even as limited as knee arthroscopy. Preventive rehabilitation is the solution that allows you to avoid invasive medical procedures.


 Physiotherapy instead of surgery

 Surgery is an instrument of medical intervention that is used as a last resort. If this treatment option is exhausted and the effects are not seen or a disability develops, there is nothing but hope. Or beyond postoperative rehabilitation. In order to avoid such an extreme situation, physiotherapists recommend that as early as possible start to use the preventive therapeutic potential of preoperative rehabilitation, wherever possible. Most diseases, if not treated, are deepened, which over time causes ailments in areas distant from the original focus of the disease. This is because the affected elements are interconnected and with other tissues. Disruption of the biomechanics of the body and pain cause physical activity to decrease. This, in turn, adversely affects the metabolism of the body, its overall fitness and condition.


Physiotherapy instead of surgery - when can it be used?

 Physiotherapy treatments are a very effective alternative to surgical operations in the case of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They can be the therapeutic procedure of choice wherever there are no extreme injuries or damage to the elements ensuring proper body mechanics, such as tendon rupture or displaced bone fractures, in which surgical intervention is absolutely necessary. An example of the extraordinary preventive effectiveness of physiotherapeutic treatments is the rehabilitation of the sacro-lumbar spine affected by degenerative disease or lumbaslization. Physiotherapy undertaken early enough protects against such consequences as sciatica or osteoarthritis of the hip joint.


Excellent preventive effects are also brought by early rehabilitation of the knee joint or rehabilitation of the ankle joint. Well-chosen limb training or properly adjusted manual therapy reduce or eliminate inflammation. Thanks to this, the risk of degeneration is reduced, and the joints can work in accordance with the natural biomechanical pattern.


Effective alternatives to surgery

Physiotherapy can be an alternative to surgical operations when it not only eliminates the effects of the disease, but above all when it acts on the causes of the disease,  when it not only relieves neuralgia, but also activates the nervous system in the affected area or restores the proper level of muscle tone.


There are many methods of rehabilitation that can avoid surgery. These are:

 -non-invasive activities conducted by a physiotherapist, manual therapy, exercise plan, massage, electrotherapy

-Joint injections with Hyaluronic Acid or PRP injections, have a regenerative effect, delaying the degradation of the joint or tendon

- occupational therapy


The best effects in protecting against the prospect of surgery are achieved by combining methods, neurorehabilitation combined with occupational therapy or therapeutic gymnastics accompanying manual therapy.


One of the methods used at the ATP Physio Clinic as a tool instead of surgery are intra-articular or soft tissue injections. Ostenil Plus injection significantly delays the development of osteoarthritis in the joint, has a strong preventive effect, improves joint mobility. On the other hand, PRP injection has a regenerative effect, accelerates healing, rebuilding the joint / tendon component.

The main idea in ATP Physio Clinic is to do everything possible not to lead to surgery.