How Physiotherapy Can Help Improve Your Posture and Mobility

How Physiotherapy Can Help Improve Your Posture and Mobility

Jul 25, 2023

Anna Tempczyk

The lack of physical mobility is a challenge of today's times due to many technological facilities. We lack movement these days. We prefer to drive in the city. city buses, instead of simply enjoying the fresh air by walking. Many people are moving to vehicles, forgetting about the basic and one of the first means of transport, which is the bicycle.


Life in a hurry, the multitude of duties, work in a sitting position - these are other factors that adversely affect our body. Even as part of spending free time, we go to a cafe or go shopping in a shopping mall.


What is physical mobility?

The ability of the nervous system to perform an effective and full range of motion in a joint is called mobility. The range of movements of our body depends on the strength of the muscles, as well as on the level of their stretching. Without these two factors, our body is tense and malfunctions, which later contributes to many diseases or injuries.


How to improve mobility?

One of the most important aspects of mobility is regular exercise. To improve the mobility of the body, it is recommended, among others, to stretch regularly, as well as activity with the use of specialized accessories.

The help of a physiotherapist is also very important, where you get a professional advice with the individual exercise plan. Therapist show you the correct techniques.


Better joint mobility also contributes to posture, which is a common problem for people who are not very active. Poor posture means weak muscles. Frequent injuries that the ATP Physio Clinic deals with are muscle strains and tears.

Therefore, prevention is key. If patients are physically active, often use specialized massage, or want to improve muscle strength through physiotherapy, they avoid injury by at least 60%. In that way all of us can delay the osteoarthritis process any joint.

ATP Physio Clinic strongly encourages all people to be active and to get regular massages, physiotherapy sessions that we offer.