Pressotherapy A Safe and Effective Treatment for Post-Surgery Recovery

Pressotherapy A Safe and Effective Treatment for Post-Surgery Recovery

Jul 25, 2023

Anna Tempczyk

Swelling after surgery or injury is caused by damage to the blood and lymph vessels. In addition, the body increases the production of lymph to speed up the process of repairing damage. Swelling is therefore not only a natural but also a proper reaction of the body to tissue injury - regardless of whether it is caused by an accident or surgery.


However, just because it's normal doesn't necessarily mean it's comfortable or desirable. Swelling can cause pain and limit mobility, making it more difficult to follow some recommended rehabilitation exercises, for example. As a result, swelling can inhibit healing instead of promoting it.


Most often, the problem of swelling concerns the knee after an injury. Similarly, one of the common cases of swelling after surgery is knee swelling after arthroscopy. The knee joint is a particularly complicated area, which at the same time accepts heavy loads and is difficult to heal. Although swelling in this area is natural, you need to consult a doctor to rule out other causes and implement appropriate management.


Safety and effectiveness on the first place

Pressotherapy is a safe and effective method, during which lymphatic vessels are stimulated for faster transport of lymph to the lymph nodes where it is filtered.

It helps to transfer stagnant fluids from the interstitium to the lymphatic vessels, thus reducing swelling and stimulating the immune system to work. That physiotherapy technique has a positive effect on the removal of toxins from the body and improves the inflow of oxygen-rich arterial blood.

Enhancing the filtration process has many therapeutic and medical benefits. This specialized form of therapy shortens the recovery time by reducing postoperative edema.


Lymphatic drainage primarily increases the flow of lymph, which is responsible for the removal of metabolic products and toxins. Pressotherapy reduces hematomas resulting from injuries and accelerates the healing process and the disappearance of bruises.

The skin after the treatment is nourished and better oxygenated, and thus looks healthier.  An important advantage of lymphatic drainage used after surgery is that the recovery time is significantly shortened.

ATP Physio Clinic tries to support and encourage patients after surgery to use the pressotherapy as a first line treatment before implementing a rehabilitation plan.